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Spotting an Online Bluff

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In online poker you will find a vast amount of people playing at any given time. You will see a multitude of people imitating their favorite poker pro by playing like they are portrayed on T.V. This leads to a lot of online poker play being very aggressive and you tend to see more bluffing than usual. There are many online poker players that bluff entirely too much and if you are patient enough and can with stand the inevitable bad beats they will deal out, these online players can be very profitable. Here are a few ways to spot an online poker bluff:

1) Pay special attention to the chatty players using the chat option. Are they being aggressive and not showing hands or chatting about bad cards and showing down good ones?

2) The auto feature. If a player raises before the flop and bets quickly or re-raises quickly, he is using the auto feature and may keep using it till the end of the hand. Make sure you have something to call him down with.

3) The player who raises pre flop and bets the flop only to check the river. If this happens and you have good cards making him pay by betting the turn.

4) They are playing way to fast to consider what a hand possibly could be playing against them. They are just betting to drive players out and will most likely leave the table when they are being called down a lot.

5) The player that has just sat down and entered the game and immediately raises. Though it is possible to sit down to a monster hand, more than likely they are bluffing.

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When playing online poker (Playing Live poker may help or you can play live poker on tv at Sky )you want to try and force out the bluffers by playing back at them as much as possible. Their frequent bluffs could lead to string hands by the river so you need to try and not let them get that far.

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