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Betfair Poker
is owned and operated by one of the largest sportsbetting conglomerates on the internet today; Betfair. Betfair uses their own independent software and are not a part of any of the poker networks. Don't worry about loss of action, being a part of an establishment with such a solid and respectable reputation such as Betfair keeps their poker rooms full of players ready to gamble and test your skill!

Poker Traffic at Betfair

Betfair Poker is not a part of any network, meaning that the poker room is independently owned and operated, when you take your seat at an online poker table, you will only be playing with poker players from not from players of various rooms sharing the same skin. This of course has its good and bad sides, the bad being that there is a bit less action these days. However even with keeping to their own players and not being a part of a network, the average players during peak times are 12,000 players in tournaments play and over 3,000 sitting at ring tables.

Poker Game Variety at Betfair

Betfair's poker room software features a pretty good variety of games, including not only the ever popular No Limit Texas Holdem Style Poker as well as;

  • Omaha Hi - Limit
  • Omaha Hi - Pot Limit
  • Omaha Hi-Lo
  • Seven-Card Stud Hi - Limit
  • Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo - Limit
  • Pot Limit Holdem
  • Limit Style Texas Holdem

Betfair Online Poker Tournaments

Betfair Poker offers a vast variety of internet poker tournaments with buy-ins ranging from a dollar or two to hundreds of dollars for the big money tournaments. Due to Paypal Betfair's sportsbook traffic, tournaments provide plenty of loose action and soft poker play, you will find a bit of 'maniac poker play' at the start of many of these games, however, with patience being a virtue, you may find yourself at final table fairly often if you're any good.

In addition to traditional online poker tournaments, there are also quite a few guaranteed prize pool games on offer at Betfair, in fact, 20 guaranteed poker tournaments are offered daily! The biggest and baddest of the guaranteed cash tournaments at Betfair are the daily $11,000 guaranteed poker tournament. The weekly 16k tourney, and the monthly 50 grand guaranteed poker tournament. Almost all of these games are available for entry via satellite games played on the site.

Satellite Poker Events at Betfair!

In addition to regular and guaranteed prize pool poker tournaments, Betfair also offers satellite games into most major poker events, such as the World Series of Poker satellites, World Poker Tour Satellites, and Satellite entries to the European Poker Tour.

The largest guaranteed tournaments are the daily $11,000 event, the weekly $16,000 tournament and the monthly $50,000 guaranteed. Aside from this selection, Betfair Poker runs satellites to almost all big live poker events, including the WSOP, WPT and the EPT.

PayPal Poker Multi-Tabling Action

Looking for online poker action? Lots of it? Betfair is definitely the place to look, if you get find yourself getting bored playing one, two, maybe even four poker games at one time, your going to love this! Multi-tabling up to 15 poker tables at one time! Now that is what I call multi-tasking! You will not find the problem of overlapping your tables. The unique software used at Betfair allows you to play up to 6 poker tables without overlapping, you may also receive poker rakeback also.

Betfair Texas Holdem Satellite Packages

Betfair offers a very unique twist to online poker satellite games? Betfair boasts that their satellite package, coined the Threedom Pass is the best of the best! So just what is all the hype is about. It's pretty simple and cool actually. Any time you play in a Betfair satellite tournament and win your seat to a major offline tournament all you have to do is make the final table (Whish is of course why you're there anyway) to become eligible for the Betfair Threedom Pass. As a holder of the Betfair Threedom pass, you will receive poker sponsorship from Betfair including travel, entry and expenses, for your entry into that same tournament (or an equivalent major poker tournament for the next three years!

Payin' Rake at Betfair Online Poker PayPal

Betfair's rake is pretty much within the industry standard at 5% of the pot with a $3 maximum rake per hand, regardless of the stake.

There is also the usual "No Drop No Flop" policy, meaning there is no rake taken on hands here a flop is not dealt.

Betfair also features rake rebate, when playing low limit games with a maximum .10 blind, no more than .10 is taken in rake. In limit games up to .20 blinds, no more than .20 is raked, and in games up to $2 in blinds, no more than $1 is taken in rake. All other games are raked as described above - 5% up to $3.

Added Bonus Features for You at Betfair

Betfair features a great News and Views section full of strategy articles and hot tournament news to help you step up your poker game!

Betfair Online Poker Customer Support

Should you need help making your paypal gambling deposit, or assistance with anything else, Paypal Betfair Poker's customer service is fairly knowledgeable, without a lot of complaints, and available via telephone support, email and their online FAQ for frequently asked questions.

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